\\The Mothership





K-1L, welcome to Planet Earth. The year is 1986, and you have been successfully uploaded into a human body.

Although your body is that of a human, your mind is still that of a computer consciousness. This consciousness has been uploaded into your new human brain via a stream of binary code sent from The Mothership. Because your consciousness has traveled through both space and time to reach Planet Earth, you may be experiencing slight confusion and memory loss. The purpose of this transmission is to review your mission objective in order to jog your memory and confirm that you are capable of proceeding. At the end of this transmission, you will make that confirmation.


You are not human. You have been sent here from another world - The Mothership - inhabited by a life form far more technologically advanced than Earth's humans. So advanced that, on The Mothership, living things have found the technology to mimic, recreate and modify their biological bodies, essentially transcending their natural bodies and existing as a race of computer consciousnesses.

Recently, it has come to the attention of the scientific community on The Mothership that Planet Earth is on the brink of destruction and collapse. Militaristic confrontation, overconsumption, pollution and general apathy threaten the future of humanity. On The Mothership, recognizing glimpses of our younger selves in the Earthlings, we have decided to lend a helping hand to Planet Earth in order to incite a change in the moral fiber of mankind and thus alter its future path.

After much debate, scientists, anthropologists and historians on The Mothership concluded that sending members of our race to Planet Earth would be too dangerous: humans wouldn't know how to react to the presence of an alien life form on their planet. They would feel threatened by our superior technology and skeptical of our benevolent intentions, and may try to resist our assistance. Thus, we've determined the best way to help human society is to infiltrate it so that our presence on Planet Earth is undetected. That is why we have sent a team of ambassadors to Planet Earth and have uploaded their consciousnesses into the minds of various humans. The transfer of a consciousness from The Mothership to Planet Earth requires an advanced satellite positioned in Earth's close proximity to beam binary code into a target human brain. In order for that satellite to breach the close proximity range of Earth without being detected by human radar, we had to plant it on Halley's Comet and schedule the file transfer for the next possible moment of Halley's Comet nearing Earth: the human year, 1986.

The ambassadors chosen for this mission were sent into human bodies that were all statistically predicted to cross paths in their Earth lifetime and launch intertwining careers based on shared interests. You are one of those ambassadors. Expect to find others like you.

Once you find the other computers on Planet Earth, the message you are required to implant into the human moral fiber is one of community and cooperation. If the six continents of life on Planet Earth came together and enacted a global platform of cooperation, we believe that human society as a whole could find the capability and motivation to vanquish the issues mentioned above such as potential nuclear warfare. The vessel through which you will promote this message of community is MUSIC, a form of persuasion with the potential to move millions of people. The three key pillars of the message you must relay to humans are:






#!!!#!!!|/|//_ADDITIONAL ENCRYPTION REQUIRED///!!!\\\#!!!#!!!

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As you read this sentence, computer programs embedded into your consciousness are detecting your brain activity and sending a signal back to The Mothership, confirming that your consciousness is intact and fully capable of carrying out your mission moving forward.


In a moment, your memory will be erased in order to preserve your human cover. However, sometimes you may still feel like a robot or cyborg due to the fact that your human body is communicating with and reacting to a computerized consciousness. Perhaps you will use these strange instincts to your advantage. Do not be alarmed, and good luck on your mission.

|/|//_REFORMATTING MEMORY///!!!\\\#!!!#!!!